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PADA Popup Chat #25

Birth Trauma and Havening Techniques®

For lockdown 2020, PADA provided a popular series of Perinatal Mental Health online talks called ‘PADA Popup Chats’. We have brought this back…

Birth Trauma and Havening Techniques®
Rāmere Friday 10 Hepetema September | 1pm – 2pm
with Dr Robin Youngson

We are delighted that Dr Youngson joined the PADA Popup Chats to provide a general introduction to Havening Techniques®, shared data on treating birth trauma and PTSD and held an interactive question and answer session.

Dr Robin Youngson, MA MB ChB FANZCA, is a Certified Havening Practitioner and Trainer, and is an Anaesthetic Specialist with a long career in the public health service in New Zealand. You can learn more about him here.

Havening Touch® is a gentle, intuitive, self-healing process using inbuilt biological healing mechanisms. The developer of Havening, Dr Ronald Ruden, has interpreted the complete pathway by which traumatic events get ‘hard-wired’ into a part of the brain called the amygdala. He also discovered a very rapid molecular mechanism for permanently deleting traumatic memories, which works in minutes. The key to healing trauma is to create in the brain a strong signal of safety, which activates this molecular mechanism which deletes the traumatic memory. During Havening, the brain is literally rewired to remove the effects of trauma. You can read the scientific paper here.

Using Havening explains how traumatic events are hard-wired in the brain to cause Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), for instance the symptoms experienced by mothers in the months or years after a traumatic birth. Havening triggers a rapid healing mechanism in the brain that erases the neural encoding of the trauma. While the objective memory is left unchanged, all the painful emotional and stress reactions are deleted. Mothers can then connect to the joy of their child’s birth without being overwhelmed with traumatic images and feelings.

View the PADA Popup Chat #25 here.

Read Dr Youngson’s study on how Childbirth Trauma can be Rapidly Healed with Havening Techniques here.

PADA Popup chats are free, short sessions to promote recent and relevant information about perinatal mental health. The information is educational and not clinical advice.

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Our target audience for this popup chat are both families and healthcare providers as PADA’s role is to provide tools/training/networking to those supporting families suffering from anxiety or depression during pregnancy, childbirth and early parenting. 

We want to provide as much support to those working on the frontline – let us know if you are interested in presenting or ideas of presentations you want to hear.