E tūtaki ana ngā kapua o te rangi, kei runga, kei runga te Mangoroa e kōpae pū ana | The clouds in the sky close over, but above them spreads the milky way


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Working or volunteering for PADA means that you get to join an organisation that is championing awareness and facilitating best practice in perinatal mental health and wellbeing to ensure all families have access to appropriate information and support in Aotearoa New Zealand. We work hard to bring our training seminars and resources across Aotearoa with no regular Government funding and we rely solely on the generosity of everyday New Zealanders to ensure we can continue to deliver those services.

If you are interested in volunteering your services, please email us: [email protected]

About PADA

The vision and mission of PADA is to eliminate the stigma around perinatal mental health in Aotearoa New Zealand by championing awareness and facilitating best practice in perinatal mental health and wellbeing to ensure all families and whānau have equitable access to appropriate information and support.

Increasing proportions of the population are being diagnosed with perinatal disorders, even where social circumstances are improving. There are many more stressors and strains on mental health, generally relating to the increased pace and complexity of life. When someone is in good mental health they experience positive emotions, positive interest and engagement with the world around them, and meaning and purpose in their lives. Evidence suggests that people who are in good mental health are less at risk of physical and mental health problems and have better social relationships and outcomes. Studies indicate that in countries comparable to Aotearoa only a minority of the population is flourishing. Flourishing through developing positive mental health is a challenge, but a benefit for all.

PADA continues to develop strategies that eliminate the stigma of perinatal illnesses at a national level to ensure all whānau receive appropriate care and support that improves their mental health. We want to set targets to improve our collective mental wellbeing. There is no health without mental health. Increasing awareness will drive social change with a goal towards improving the quality of care for all people experiencing all types of perinatal anxiety and depression and will reduce the stigma of perinatal mental illness.

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There are no current vacancies.