E tūtaki ana ngā kapua o te rangi, kei runga, kei runga te Mangoroa e kōpae pū ana | The clouds in the sky close over, but above them spreads the milky way

PADA Popup chats are free, short sessions to promote up-to-date and relevant information about perinatal mental health. Our Zoom chats are live, interactive sessions where you can ask questions from our subject expert, giving you more tools for yourself, and to help whānau and families in the perinatal period of pregnancy, childbirth and early parenting.

PADA Popup Chat #28 
Neuro-Linguistic Programming NLP
with Elaine Thompson from Your Life Live It
was held on Rāapa Wednesday 27 Āperira April 2022

NLP and Perinatal Mental Health

NLP is another tool in your kete when working with people in the perinatal period. After an NLP session, a person should be able to empower themselves by knowing they are in control of their life, actions and emotions so they can just show up as the best possible version of themselves.

What Elaine Thompson says about NLP..

N = neuro; we are looking at our minds, and the incredible and beautiful power they have to create our whole world. We think, we feel, we do. Everything we are begins with a thought. So how does that thought begin? Where are its roots?

L = linguistic; its roots are in language, the language of our world, the language of our Creator. Everything speaks to us. We receive messages through every one of our senses. Sometimes we remember, very often we don’t. We’ve been listening from the moment of our conception. And we are still listening now.

P = programming; are we aware of this? Because in the infinite complexity of being human, we have the power to make choices. To choose what we listen to, to choose what to keep, to choose what to lay down and leave. And so to own our thoughts, own our emotions and own our doings.

For me, this is where I teach from, where I parent from, where I aspire to make a difference from x

Learn more about Elaine at Your Life Live It here

PADA Popups are free, short sessions to promote recent and relevant information about perinatal mental health.  The information is educational and not clinical advice.

Our target audience is healthcare providers as PADA’s role is to provide tools/training/networking to those supporting families suffering from anxiety or depression during pregnancy, childbirth and early parenting.

We want to provide as much support to those working on the frontline – let us know if you are interested in presenting or ideas of presentations you want to hear.