E tūtaki ana ngā kapua o te rangi, kei runga, kei runga te Mangoroa e kōpae pū ana | The clouds in the sky close over, but above them spreads the milky way

Perinatal OCD – ADHD in the Perinatal Period – Stories about Autism during the Perinatal Period


Te Whanganui-a-Tara Wellington – 31 Ākuhata August 2022


Our first PADA seminar with a focus on Perinatal OCD, ADHD and Autism during the Perinatal Period, was held in Te Whanganui-A-Tara | Wellington last week, facilitated by PADA General Manager, Treena Cooper.

You can purchase the seminar recording and earn 8 midwifery continuing education hours here.

This seminar was hailed as one of the ‘best yet’, bringing valuable knowledge to a receptive room of healthcare professionals, midwives, and others working directly with families during pregnancy, birth and early childhood. A balance of personal experience and clinical information given by our in person presenters and those who joined us online via live feed, and as you can see from our feedback below, was well received by attendees.

We are so grateful to all of our guest speakers, especially those who shared their personal experiences.

First up we had Kim Myhill and Tanya Stanton of the SMMHS team, followed by Joanne Dacombe, Disability Advocate, sharing stories about autism during the perinatal period.

Kim Myhill and Joanne Dacombe presenting at the PADA seminar in Te Whanganui-a-Tara Wellington in August.

After morning tea, PADA Educator Liora Noy spoke to us about Perinatal OCD, with Angela Smart sharing her experience as a parent.

Refreshed after lunch we were joined by PADA Advisory Board member Dr Sophie Mace of the Aotearoa Baby Clinic who shared her knowledge on Perinatal ADHD, along with author, actress and TikTok ADHD advocate Lisette Prendé speaking on her experience as a parent.

PADA GM Treena Cooper introduces Dr Sophie Mace and Lisette Prendé

The seminar live feed is now available to purchase and this includes 8 midwifery continuing education hours, please note this excludes parent Angela Smart’s kōrero.

Here is just a taste of the amazing feedback we received from attendees about the content and our speakers:

“This seminar has been the most informative event I have ever attended. It flowed perfectly and was backed up with real life experiences.”

“I have a new understanding of Autism, OCD and ADHD – I have always looked more at if the child may have these not at the mother – will use better assessment skills in the future, thank you.”

“Working in a system that is exhausted with staff deficits… when it’s hard to find time… it’s important I think that we have continued exposure to hearing these women’s stories and how we as practitioners can make a difference.. therefore.. I think the personal content has a huge impact on change. Please don’t change that.”

“It has definitely made me reflect on a couple of my mums and some of their struggles.”

“I thought I knew a bit about OCD, turns out I didn’t but I do now! Thank you.”

“I’ve already contacted my new parents and asked about intrusive thoughts.”

“It was helpful hearing from people with lived experience – what worked for them and what didn’t. Good balance of professional and personal input.”

“Amazing story thanks for sharing and I hope my change in practice can help even one birthing person or parent feel seen positively “

“Wonderful testimony that covered lots of bases and truly educated me about the barriers Autistic people face in the maternity system.”

“I think PADA is an amazing organization. I believe we are very lucky to be privy to PADA trainings that inform us of how best we can work with the wahine we work alongside, having more knowledge around this kaupapa.”

Report by Kelly Gilchrist, 9 Hepetema September 2022