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Birth Trauma related ACC – first stage of legislation has passed!


PADA has been lobbying for this change through Parliament and Jan Logie MP has announced that it is happening!

Parliament debated the first stage of new legislation that will require ACC to support a much larger range of birth injuries for new parents – and it passed with the support of every party.

People who are injured when they give birth are being recognised – no matter the injury, it is an unintended consequence of childbirth and ignoring these injuries can cause further harm.

To make sure it is as comprehensive and inclusive as possible, please consider making a submission – open until Feb 11 2022.

Make your voice heard here: Submission to Parliament 

From the Jan Logie MP Facebook page

Injuries that will be covered:

  • Tears of any kind
    Labial, vaginal, vulval, clitoral, cervical, rectal and perineal tears
    Tears effect about 85% of birth parents so this will make a huge difference.
  • Pelvic floor trauma
  • Obstetric fistula
  • Nerve damage
  • Ruptured uterus during labour
  • Uterine prolaps
  • Obstetric haematoma of pelvis

Other important info:

For births occurring after 1st October 2022 it will never be too late to get treatment. If an injury is detected months or years later, it will still be covered.

People with birth injuries will be able to get a range of complimentary treatments such as follow up appointments with their GP, pelvic physiology classes, mental health care and gynaecologist appointments.

If a birth injury exists or is suspected, a GP or clinician can help the person make a claim. From thereon, ACC will fund treatment and rehabilitation needed.

* information taken from graphic on Jan Logie MP Facebook page