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Treatment & Support

Professional help


It is important to tell a professional how you are feeling. They can help assess ho much it is affecting you. You can be taught ways to reduce anxiety and depression. These techniques are often successful. Sometimes medication is needed as well. There are no guarantees that medication won’t affect the baby although it is thought that most medication is safe. It is also thought that that if you have significant anxiety or depression this may affect your developing baby. See medication section.



The use of medication depends on several factors:

  • How unwell you are
  • Whether you agree
  • What has already been tried


There are other treatment options which you can discuss with your health professional. Remember also, that going on medication is not a failure no one likes to need medication but there are many illnesses where medication is needed. Having depression is like trying to play cricket with a broken bat. Sometimes medication can fix the bat but you still have to do the batting and face the balls (stresses of life) yourself.