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    "I dreaded the sound of my baby's cries thinking I had no idea what to do to help her. I had no connection emotionally with my baby. I couldn't laugh, watch TV, or read. All the things that I knew used to make me laugh and feel good were gone. I felt nothing. The energy I normally got from looking at colour was gone. My joy at seeing a sunrise or sunset vanished". - Mere, a mum.

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    "PND is generally considered to be a depression with a good outcome for recovery. In my experience this is true. Just hold onto hope. Many of us have experienced it. Support is crucial, especially from people who are able to sit, listen, and make no judgements about your feelings and thoughts". - Kathryn, a mum.

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    "My recovery from Postnatal depression was very much dependent on me feeling that I was both supported and could be in control as a loving mother to my child, but also a worthy person in my own right". -  Jenny, a mum.

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Taupo Seminar

24th October 8:30am to 5:00pm